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Ladies Who Tech Goes to Xi'an 西安创新创业生态圈

Taking the silk road to high-tech growth 由丝绸之路走向高科技发展

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Xi'an is famous as the starting point of the ancient trade route known as the Silk Road, which ran from China across central Asia towards southern Europe.At this modern time, rather than transporting silk across central Asia to the Mediterranean Sea, the city's officials are focused on expanding industries in the city that are competitive and driven by advanced science and aim to become a global center for cutting-edge technology by 2025. These industries include aerospace and those dedicated to new materials, energy, artificial intelligence, and intelligent manufacturing systems that can operate with less human intervention.

Ladies Who Tech收到亚马逊&Fenox Venture Capital 联合创新中心以及西安Startup Grind的邀约,支持和参与了其创新中心的开幕仪式及月度女性主题活动。

Ladies Who Tech was invited by Amazon & Fenox Venture Capital Joint Innovation Center and Startup Grind Xi'an as the supporting organization to participate in the opening ceremony of the center in conjunction with their monthly women-focused activity.


The startup ecosystem is still new to Xi'an and it requires some time to be established. However, Xi'an has its own unique advantages. One of them is Xi'an has some of the best tech universities in China. Despite challenges, with early adaptors' effort and support of government, we are very positive about the future of Xi'an in the development of innovation, tech and entrepreneurship.

Ladies Who Tech Xi'an Launch
Ladies Who Tech 西安分部成立

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