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If Ada Lovelace doesn’t impress you by explaining how the machine used algorithms and sequences, which was the world’s first computer program back in 1843,  then what about German mathematician Emmy Noether who invented a theorem that explains the connection between symmetry and conservation laws?

世界上第一个计算机程序早在1843被Ada Lovelace发明出来用来解释如何机器运用运用算法和序列。如果这个还不够让你觉得印象深刻,那么德国数学家Emmy Noether发明了对称性和守恒定律之间的联系,是不是同样伟大呢?

Or what about Hedy Lamarr, who was a famous Austrain actress but also invented the basic technology for spread spectrum and frequency hopping, which lead to wireless communication.

又或者是Hedy Lamarr,她不仅仅是一个著名的奥地利女演员,同时她也发明了扩频和跳频的基本技术,也就是造就了今天的无线通信。

And the list can go longer as below 而这一串科技女性名单还有一长串:


Modern Electric Refrigerator - Florence Parpart invented the modern electric refrigerator in 1914. 

现代的电冰箱是在1914年由Florence Parpart 发明的。


Residential solar heating - Physicist and solar-power pioneer Dr. Maria Telkes teamed up with an equally badass lady, the architect Eleanor Raymond, to build the first home entirely heated by solar power in 1947.
住宅用的太阳能供热 - 物理学家和太阳能发电的先驱Maria Telkes博士联手与一个同样能干的女士,建筑师EleanorRaymond于1947年建造第一家家用太阳能。


Dishwasher - invented by Josephine Cochrane in 1887. 

洗碗机 - 1887年由Josephine Cochrane发明


CCTV - Marie Van Brittan Brown's system for closed-circuit television security, patented in 1969.

CCTV - Marie Van Brittan Brown闭路电视安全系统在1969获得了专利。

Paper Bag - Margaret Knight received her patent for a machine that could produce square-bottomed bags in 1871.

纸质的包装袋 - Margaret Knight在1871年发明了一台生产方形底袋的机器并获得了专利


Kevlar  - Stephanie Kwolek invented the super-strong Kevlar fibre used in bullet-proof vests.
防弹纤维 - Stephanie Kwolek发明了专门制作防弹衣的超强防弹纤维。

Vivian Tian, Global VP and GM at CCOE

Vivian Tian, Global VP and GM at CCOE

Our host of this month’s Ladies Who Tech in Action, Vivian Tian, Global VP and GM at CCOE at eBay was also a great mathematician. Not only did it made her a great engineer but also a national champion at Bridge card play.  And the key takeaways from her inspiring talk were:


这个月我们的科技女性企业行动系列走进了eBay。 Vivian Tian,不仅仅是eBay中国研发中心总经理也是一个出色的数学家。这不仅使她成为一名伟大的工程师,而且成为桥牌比赛的全国冠军。她和我们分享了:

  1. Always ask and challenge yourself “Can I be better?” 经常性的挑战自己,看自己是不是可以再变的更好

  2. Focus on one thing and be really good at it 专注于一件事,并且把它做到极致

  3. Be an expert on something 在某方面有专长

  4. Let nobody replace you 把自己变得让人无法取代你


It is no surprise, then, that one of Vivian’s dreams is to build the best R&D center in China, which focuses on AI, Big Data and Cloud, and takes up 90% of eBay's activities.



Diana Varghese, Head of IT Operations China

Diana Varghese, Head of IT Operations China from the State Bank of India, shared with us her personal experience that 来自中国印度国家银行的IT技术总监Diana Varghese也就她个人的经验,与我们分享了:

1. There is gender gap in many areas in life 在生活里的很多方面存在性别差距
2. The percentage of women working in tech now is the as decades ago - 25% 几十年我们从事科技事业的女性比例没有任何的变化。始终停留在25%左右。
3. Different genders have different roles, no one is better than the other, and men do care 不存在哪个性别更好,而是不同的性别有不同的角色。其实男性们也很关心和支持科技女性的发展。
4. Try new things 尝试新鲜的事物
5. Trust your team 相信你的团队
6. Learn continuously, have role models, and have failures 不断学习,寻找榜样。不要惧怕失败。
7. Find strength in our innerperson 发现存在于我们的内在力量

As we wrapped up the last Ladies Who Tech in Action in year of the Rooster, we will welcome more exciting Ladies Who Tech activities in the upcoming year of the Dog! 就此我们结束了中国“鸡年”最后一场科技女性企业系列活动。在即将到来的中国“狗年”,我们将会有更多更精彩的活动!敬请期待!

About Ladies Who Tech In Action 关于LWT企业行动系列


While many corporations are embracing diversity and inclusion in corporate policies, there is still a gender gap in STEM industries. Ladies Who Tech in Action series was established to bring companies and community together to engage in dialogue, foster new relationships, and further professional development to close this gap.


虽然很多的企业鼓励多元化并同时也在公司政策上实施,但是在STEM这些领域里,性别差距还是存在。Ladies Who Tech 企业行动系列就是希望可以把公司和STEM社群里的女性们连接起来,让他们之间沟通,促成新的关系成分以及专业上职业成长来缩小这个差距。


Focus of the series 系列关注的焦点:

  • Further the understanding of the trends and roles available in STEM industries


  • Explore the opportunities and challenges that companies face with fostering diversity and inclusion


  • Identify steps and action individuals need to take to develop their career in this direction



Each event will be hosted in collaboration with a corporation. There will be several speakers from diverse backgrounds (eg. software, hardware, startup, corporation, government, etc.) each giving an introduction of their journey in STEM, their inspiration, and their current STEM project(s).


每次的活动将会和企业合作并邀请多元化背景的演讲者(例如, 软件,硬件,创业公司,大企业,政府等)来分享他们在STEM领域里的经历以及目前他们所



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