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Ladies Who Tech in Action x Google Beijing – Tech4Good

Ladies Who Tech企业行动之谷歌北京

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Ladies Who Tech终于落户北京啦!10月24日,演讲嘉宾们分享了在STEM领域的经历,强调善用科技、世界将会更美好。

Yes! Ladies Who Tech is now here in Beijing! On 24-Oct, our inspiring speakers not only shared with us their stories of their journey towards STEM, they also highlighted that technology can be used to make the world a better place.

Hillary Nie   Co-Lead, Google Women Beijing 谷歌北京女性协会负责人之一


Hillary says she is good at math when she was younger but wasn’t encouraged to pursue that path.  Now that her daughter has a passion for Legos, she encourages her to build Legos.  Google encourages her to pursue her passion and her passion is to build Google Women Beijing organization.

Cindy Gottinger    Head of Marketing, Gaming & Mobile APPs, Google Greater China 



Cindy admits that eventhough she didn’t study computer science or technology, she has a passion for advancing women in the tech space.

Landy Huang 黄秀兰
Vice President, Marketing Insights & Solutions, Google Greater China


1. 创新随时随地不断涌现
2. STEM影响力升级
3. STEM领域职业发展机遇丰富

Landy explains 3 points on why we should join STEM industries:
1. Innovation is happening everywhere everyday.
2. STEM can make a bigger impact.
3. There is a lot of career development opportunity

Dr. Jing Dong 董晶博士

Associate Professor, National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition



Dr. Dong shares how women actually cross-fields in their lives everyday – being a researcher, a supervisor, a mother, a wife, a daughter shows that women can lead.

Melissa Yang
Co-Founder & COO, Baby English 


1. 好奇心很重要。我们始于好奇,赢得机遇。
2. 激情也很重要。从事热爱的工作,生活会更幸福。
3. 做事要有目标。我们要做就要做票大的,做得有意义。

Melissa reminds us that:
1. Curiosity is very important.  We start with being curious and create our own opportunities.  
2. Passion is important because doing something out of passion makes life happier.  
3. We need to have a mission when we do something.  We need to have something bigger behind the motivation, to do something meaningful.


Panel Conclusion
The audience was very interested about Artificial Intelligence.  The key message from the panelists is that everyone is responsible to regulate AI.  AI needs to be for the good of all parties, not just for one person.

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