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Recap of " how to work on a powerful elevator pitch"

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非常感谢Ana Ramos本周二的分享- 如何做一份强而有力的电梯游说稿来进军STEM行业 。我们来快速的回顾下本次讲座的重点。

Many thanks to Ana Ramos for her presentation on "How to Work on a Powerful Elevator Pitch" today. Here is a quick recap.

Elevator pitch must haves:

To prepare an elevator pitch, you need the guiding questions below:

And follow the building steps below to work it out.


1. 别小看你自己(自信些) 2. 别害羞(胆大些) 3. 找到你的热爱(为自己的热爱奋斗)

Also, please remember

1. Don't sell yourself short   2. Don't be shy   3. Find your passion

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