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Ladies Who Tech 携手领英: 助您启动梦想STEM职业

Ladies Who Tech x LinkedIn: Designing a Career in STEM

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4月4日,Ladies Who Tech很荣幸能与领英Social Impact和Women In Tech合作,为有意往STEM领域发展的应届毕业生和职场新人举办了“如何启动STEM职业”的线上活动,让Ta们了解如何进入并在自己的STEM职业领域取得卓越成就。
我们的领英职业导师团队闫红(Tracy Yan)、王晶(Connie Wang)、廉旭(Victor Lian)与 朱京晶(Jingjing Zhu)为来自世界各地的40多名学员分享了Ta们的成功故事,并提供了领英一系列支持项目和对话式职业辅导,帮助学员用新的视角探索Ta们的职业选择。

A lot of us have envisioned a dream job in STEM – but navigating the career market as a fresh graduate, or a career pivot after experiences in other industries could be a challenge, especially when you're not sure how to take the first step.
On April 4, Ladies Who Tech teamed up with LinkedIn Social Impact and Women in Tech to host an opportunity for aspiring professionals to get the inside scoop on how to enter and excel in their STEM careers.
More than 40 participants around the world joined the virtual coaching session on the Saturday night, taking inspiration from our amazing coaches from LinkedIn – Tracy Yan, Connie Wang, Victor Lian and Jingjing Zhu. Our coaches shared their success stories, offered various LinkedIn support programs and helped our students explore their career options with new perspectives. 


“如何启动您的STEM职业”是Ladies Who Tech和领英Women in Tech 携手发起的一项重要倡议,旨在实现STEM行业各个级别职位的性别平衡。
· 闫红和朱京晶分别讲述了她们进入科技领域的过程与衡量职业发展机会的经验。同时,她们给许多科技领域的女性树立榜样,给予她们支持和鼓励!
· 拥有十四年工作经验的王晶跟学员分享了人力资源对于科技职业的变化。她强调,许多职业转型成功的人是能够为新的岗位带来丰富的知识、技能、经验和观点的。
· 在当前信息时代,树立您的个人品牌越来越重要。廉旭为学员们介绍了管理网络形象的最佳做法。不停更新您的专业个人档案,可以让雇主和同业人士看到您对行业的贡献。

Today, the majority of women choose non-STEM fields in college. According to the US National Center for Education Statistics, women account for only 18 per cent of computer science or engineering graduates and about 40 per cent of the graduates in mathematics in America. Based on statistics released by China's Bureau of Education, although 52 per cent of students enrolled in college in China are females, they only account for 30.3 per cent of graduates in engineering.
As female graduates transition into their careers, the funnel continues to narrow, with fewer choosing to enter into STEM careers. Statistics show only 26 per cent of women with STEM degrees select roles in tech. After entering the tech industry, things do not get easier: women in tech companies are often perceived as being primarily suitable for roles in administration and HR. Looking at senior management teams and boards of tech companies also makes the glass ceiling for women in tech apparent.
Ladies Who Tech and LinkedIn's Women in Tech initiative, "Launch Your STEM Career", takes on the important challenge of striving towards gender balance at every level of seniority in tech.
· Tracy Yan and Jingjing Zhu recounted their own experiences in deciding to enter the tech field and weighing different opportunities for their own career development, along with their commitment to supporting other women interested in pursuing a career in tech. We're stronger together!
· Seasoned recruiter, Connie Wang, shared an HR perspective on career changes into tech, highlighting those who change industries mid-career, bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills, and perspective from prior experiences. 
· Victor Lian highlighted best practices for managing your online image in an age where cultivating your brand is increasingly important. Ongoing maintenance of your professional image helps employers and professional contacts recognize and follow your contributions to your industry.

❌ 指导师只适合于失败的人和企业。
❌ 指导师是个权宜之计,Ta们会手把手告诉您怎么做。
❌ 指导师都是纸上谈兵的心理学家。
❌ 那些在职场上失败的人,都会当指导师。

Beyond the greater transparency into the inner workings and hiring practices of a tech giant like LinkedIn offered by members of its community, participants of the event also received valuable coaching from professionals trained by LinkedIn.  
In business, you may have heard of "executive coaches". Have you wondered why executives need coaches? What do they spend all of their time doing? Coaching is a powerful tool to propel individuals forward and maximize their performance, a role that is gaining increasing recognition in business in China and abroad. 
Before we launch into the rich sessions that unfolded in during the event, here are a few things to know about coaching.
Four Common Misconceptions about Coaching
❌Coaching is for people and businesses that are failing.
The core requirement for a "coachee" is that you arrive with a desire to be coached and clarity around what you would like to discuss. Coaching is about helping you fully become what you would like to be. Do you feel willing and able to embark on that journey? Then, you might be ready.
❌Coaches are a quick fix and will tell you exactly what to do.
The challenges you are facing may be complex. They have context. Your coach uses active listening, effective questioning, and a healthy amount of repeating back to you what you have said to help crack cyclical, often unproductive, thoughts that you have in the face of challenges. Coaches who tell you what to do rob you of the opportunity to develop insights and an action plan that is suitable for you. When you co-create the next steps, you’re more invested in actualizing the outcome. Coaching allows you to make the most of the process of getting to probably solutions, and a way to interpret the outcomes.
❌Coaches are armchair psychologists.
A coach will be personal, curious, and invested in your development, while maintaining enough objectivity to observe blindspots and trends in your thinking. You are not a patient that a coach is trying to fix: there will be no diagnosis with a prescription. Instead, there will be a collaborative scoping of the goals for the session that is guided towards an actionable plan that will more than likely not be a solution, but provide you with more clarity on the situation.
❌Those who can't do, coach.
A coach may be equipped with a different skillset than those that are relevant to your field or industry. A coach's purpose is not to fill in your knowledge gaps on how to get more leads or what the newest application of machine learning to healthcare is. To get to the next level, you need to get used to optimizing your most valuable weapon: yourself! A coach will construct the arena for you to get comfortable taking charge of your own growth.

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