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精彩回看 · 上海 | Ladies Who Tech STEM 社交之夜

Recap Shanghai | Ladies Who Tech STEM Drinks Nights

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什么时候对话不仅仅是一段简短的交流?是当人们能够充分地分享一段经历、一份激情、一项发现,甚至是一段友谊的时候。上周四,Ladies Who Tech上海分部在Logan's Punch举行了一场“STEM欢乐时光酒会”的活动。在此次活动中,大家再次感受到并盛赞了科技女性社群的重要性,同时在轻松和开放的氛围中展开了活跃的互动、分享及对STEM话题的探讨。

When is a conversation more than just small talk? When people are able to share a connection, a passion, a discovery, and maybe even a friendship. Last Thursday, Ladies Who Tech Shanghai held a STEM happy hour night at Logan's Punch to recognize the importance of community for women in technology, and provide a casual and open environment to network, share and explore the world of STEM.


Discussions ranged from career histories, experiences living in other countries, the China ecommerce market, future plans to study and more. Building a network and having a support group in both the same and diverse industries have often been a major part of career success. Oftentimes, the exchange of new ideas can lead to "lightbulb" moments of inspiration or can help kick a stagnant project into gear.

也许在这个STEM之夜并没有诞生下一个谷歌,但没有什么是不可能的,多几次Ladies Who Tech的活动就可以创造更多可能。

Participants at the STEM drinks night may not have found the next Google, but there are still a few more Ladies Who Tech events that may fix that.


Big Thanks to our partners SheUp and G.W.E.N. for this event.

SheUp是一个以女性为主导、以女性为中心的组织,致力于让商界更加民主和平等。SheUp的社区聚焦女性创业和构建其核心价值观: 激发, 鼓励, 沟通。

SheUp is a women-led and women-centered organization dedicated to making the business world more democratic & equal. The community is focused on female entrepreneurship and building the core values: Inspire, encourage, connect.

A network of female entrepreneurs that provides a space to have open discussions about their successes, struggles and challenges and helps women grow their businesses and connections in a meaningful way.
G.W.E.N. Mission: Connect female entrepreneurs globally to a network that provides skill-building workshops, knowledge sharing meet ups and business coaching sessions.

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