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Ladies Who Tech x Goose Island - Gender Dialogue: Breaking Down Unconscious Bias

Ladies Who Tech x 鹅岛精酿 - 性别对话:冲破潜意识偏见

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Ladies Who Tech is all about pushing the issue of gender inequality in the tech industry to the forefront, and of having dialogue that inspire, educate and empower. That’s why for International Women’s Day 2019, Ladies Who Tech decided to do something a little different.

Ladies Who Tech致力于关注科技行业中的性别不平等问题,并进行激励、教育和赋予权力的对话。这也是Ladies Who Tech决定在2019年女神节举办不同于以往的分享庆祝活动。

On March 9th, Ladies Who Tech and Goose Island held a workshop focusing on unconscious bias – what it is, how it works, and why it’s important for everyone, and especially those in positions of power to be able to identify and work through their own unconscious biases.
3月9日,Ladies Who Tech和鹅岛精酿联合举办了一场关注潜意识偏见的研讨会 – 潜意识偏见是什么,它是如何运作的,以及为什么它对每个人都很重要,尤其是对于那些掌握权力的人们来说,能够识别和消除他们自己的潜意识偏见就更为关键。

Participants learned that unconscious bias exists in us all. For example, as soon as an HR director sees a resume, from the name, gender, age, school pedigree, etc., they have already made a number of assumptions about the candidate that may bias them towards or against his or her application. Unconscious bias can rear its head in many ugly ways, particularly by disadvantaging women in STEM. Representation is an issues and it does matter.

During the event, Ladies Who Tech also unveiled its new nitro beer – the B^3 (Beer Beyond Bias) - brewed in cooperation with Goose Island and their Sisterhood program which aims to help women in disadvantaged areas of Brazil access education. So go check it out at Goose Island!
在活动期间,Ladies Who Tech 还推出了新的氮气啤酒 - 与鹅岛及其旨在帮助巴西贫困地区女性接受教育的姐妹项目合作酿造的B ^ 3(Beer Beyond Bias). 赶紧去鹅岛精酿品尝一下这款特殊酿造吧!

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