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Ladies Who Tech X NIO | The Future of Autotech and You

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秉承帮助和鼓励更多的女性来发现自己在STEM领域的潜力并参与进来的宗旨,Ladies Who Tech 希望通过科技女性大企业系列活动来提高社会对科技女性从业人员的认识,并逐渐增加全球女性在STEM行业的参与度与活跃度。在这个满城飘洒着小雨花的四月,Ladies Who Tech 携手NIO蔚来汽车在“牛屋”与一百名来宾共同探讨了在自动化时代未来出行方式的种种可能。

This past April, Ladies Who Tech collaborated with NIO for the in Action series in Chengdu.

Ladies Who Tech’s mission is to close the gender gap and promote gender diversity and inclusion in the STEM industries, while encouraging more women to discover their potential in STEM. With this in mind, Ladies Who Tech and NIO brought together a crowd full of new faces coming from different backgrounds such as entrepreneurship, Oil & Gas, coding, and many more. All were excited for the opportunity to hear from inspirational speakers and the experience to test drive NIO’s latest high performing electric vehicles.


We were fortunate to hear from Mindy Li, Head of Human Resources at NIO about her experience in HR.

Following that, Biyun Zhang, Operating Designer at NIO drew the crowd’s interest with her introduction on the evolution of electric cars and broaden our horizons on the impact that women made to the automotive industry.

Last but not least, the unforgettable Saili Chen, founder of Driver Vision and Car Commentator, and former race car driver gave us all an insight into the future of the autotech industry and what’s to come with the rapid changes and growth in technology today.

我们希望能在下次活动遇见跟Ladies Who Tech一样希望通过自己的努力减少工作环境中的性别差异,增加科技行业性别多元化的你。

Attendees were truly inspired and took away with them new found knowledge on the autotech industry. 

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