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秦灵萱 Lenka Cavojska



Social Project Manager, Inclusion Factory

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目前就职于中德融创工场 ,为智力障碍人士争取平等的就业机会。我们致力于通过体面的就业和高质量的职业培训促进残障人士融入社会。中德融创工场也支持其他公司招聘残障人士,使更多的公司拥有真正包容的工作环境。灵萱主要负责就业辅导员学院 - 培养出支持残障人士就业的专业倡导者。

Lenka has been involved in different international projects in Global Development and Diversity & Inclusion taking place in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Currently she works at Taicang Inclusion Factory – company offering fair employment to people with intellectual disabilities. The goal of Inclusion Factory is to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities into society through meaningful employment and high-quality vocational training. Inclusion Factory also helps other companies to retain talents with disabilities transforming these companies into a truly inclusive place. Lenka is responsible for coordinating Social Inclusion Academy - training professional advocates for the employment of people with disabilities.

支持Ladies who tech的理由:


Why support Ladies who tech:

I believe that everybody has the right to achieve his/her potential in whatever field they choose, with no difference to gender, ethnicity, age or disability.

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