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钱红孙 Linda Qian



APAC People VP, AB InBev

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Linda Qian has 30 years of working experience in HR management in FMCG & Pharmaceutical industries, with extensive experience in driving HR transformation, application of cutting-edge HRM initiatives and implementation of enterprise strategies.

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

百威亚太倡导多样包容的文化,关注少数群体,聚焦女性领导力量。女性,作为不可忽视的社会力量,日渐成为当今科技潮流中的“弄潮儿”,有力推动着世界发展。我们的文化与"Lady who tech"倡导的“让科技没有性别”高度一致。


Why Support Ladies Who Tech:

Budweiser APC advocates a diverse and inclusive culture, cares minorities and focuses on female leadership. Women, as a non-negligible social force, are increasingly becoming the "trend-riders" in tech trends nowadays and vigorously promoting the development of the world. Our culture is highly consistent with the concept of "make technology gender free" called by Ladies Who Tech.

As the leader of Budweiser APC People team, I attach great importance to the participation in this activity, so as to make my own contribution to leading the development of female tech talents and promoting social tech progress.

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