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范凌 Ling Fan



Founder & CEO, Tezign

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他是世界经济论坛全球青年领袖(Young Global Leaders)和文化领袖,美国著名智库阿斯彭学会中国成员(Aspen Institute China Fellowship)和阿斯彭全球领袖网络成员,美国电气和电子工程师协会延展智能委员会(IEEE Council for Extended Intelligence) 会员,是光华龙腾奖中国设计业十大杰出青年奖(国家级)获得者(2018),2019《财富》中国40位40岁以下的商界精英。

Dr. Ling Fan is a Scholar and entrepreneur to bridge machine intelligence and creativity. He is the founder of, a leading technology startup with the mission to build digital infrastructure for creative resources. Dr. Fan is the founding chair of Tongji University Design Artificial Intelligence Lab. He received his doctoral degree from Harvard University and master's degree from Princeton University. He was an assistant professor at the University of California at Berkeley and China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Dr. Fan is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and an Aspen Institute China Fellow. He is a member of IEEE Global Council for Extended Intelligence. He was awarded National DDF Award (2018) and 2019 Fortune 40 Under 40.

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