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Lucy Luo



Data Engineer, Digital Hub, IKEA China

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Lucy毕业于华东师范大学软件工程专业,毕业后加入IBM开始了她的职业生涯。作为ETL开发工程师,曾为L'Oreal, VF, Astellas等多个企业客户提供数据整合以及数据仓库搭建的解决方案及落地实现。在IBM四年后,她加入消费者数据科学公司邓韩贝,曾独立负责并实现华润万家乐购项目大数据平台解决方案的升级改造。一年前,Lucy加入宜家数字创新中心,作为数据工程师,她与数据团队一起,深耕大数据在零售行业的应用,为宜家越来越多的顾客更丰富的购物体验提供数据支持。

Lucy graduated from East China Normal University, majoring in Software Engineering. After graduation, she started her career in IBM as an ETL developer. She was in charge of providing and implementing the business solutions of data integration and data warehouse for several companies such as L'Oreal, VF and Astellas etc. 4 years later, she joined the customer data science company Dunnhumby. She was independently responsible for the upgrade of the big data platform for CRV JV and successfully went alive. One year ago, Lucy joined IKEA digital hub as a data engineer. Together with the data team, she concentrates on applying the advanced big data technologies in retail industry and providing data support to help more and more customers with a better shopping journey in IKEA.

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

Ladies Who Tech活动提供了一个鼓舞人心的平台,并且传递了“科技不分性别”的理念,这对从事STEM领域工作的女性从业者来说非常重要。

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

Ladies Who Tech provides such a stimulating platform and shares the concept that tech has no gender, its quite important for the female practitioners within STEM industries.