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林云美 Mayda Lim

澳新银行营运服务 (成都) 有限公司的董事会成员与澳新银行中国研发中心技术服务总监


Head of Technology, China Technology Campus, ANZ

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Mayda担任澳新银行营运服务 (成都) 有限公司的董事会成员与澳新银行中国研发中心技术服务总监。她是新加坡itSMF的创建者,并在数字化和技术领域拥有广泛的领导经验。


她担任上海复旦大学特别小组成员,专注金融技术人才培养,并担任新加坡政府顾问委员会和未来经济与现代服务委员会成员,负责衡量和监管行业转型计划的实施情况。在行业内,尤其是在Women in Technology (科技女性)和digital for kids(儿童数字化)领域,Mayda是多元化和包容文化的强有力号召者,并经常参加相关主题活动并发表演讲。

Mayda is a member of the board of ANZ Global Services and Operations (Chengdu) Company Limited and Head of Technology for ANZ Technology Campus China. She was the founder of itSMF Singapore Chapter. Her experience in leadership roles in digital and technology is extensive.

She contributed to driving exceptional revenue growth, building high performing teams and supporting the bank with their digital transformation. Over the years, she has acquired tremendous knowledge in leading positions within Thomson Reuters, Exel Logistics (DHL) and Ford Motor. Being a strong leader in complex, continuous changing and multi-cultural environment she is an example for resilience, tenacity and smart teamwork.

She serves on the special committee of the prestigious Fudan University of Shanghai which focus on finance technology talents development. In Singapore she served in government advisory committee as member of council for The Future Economy Council Modern Services, which is to evaluate and oversee the implementation of Industry Transformation Maps. Within the industry, she is also known as a strong advocate of diversity & inclusion especially for Women in Technology and digital for kids. She is a regular speaker at events on such topics.

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:


以身示范。扩大和维护STEM议程需要每个人的持续努力。我正在与Ladies Who Tech合作,倡导和推进STEM的议程。

Why support Ladies Who Tech:
Diversity is a Action, Inclusion is an Outcome. Rather than explaining why STEM careers are on the rise, being the role model to show the way. Expanding and maintaining STEM agenda requires ongoing effort from everyone. I' m partnering with Ladies who tech to advocate and advance the agenda for STEM.

Motto: All things are possible.

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