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吴梅 Maze Wu

丽呈集团品牌副总裁  Branding VP of Rezen Group

· speakers 2021

吴梅(Maze Wu)具有12年品牌管理和6年企业运营经验。曾任国际知名广告公司高管,服务过世界500强、大型民营企业;曾任跨国企业全球品牌总监,从0到1创建及在全球范围内推广品牌;曾任大型国有企业现场服务运营总经理,创新多项服务案例。

Maze Wu has 12 years of brand management and 6 years of enterprise operation experience. She was a senior executive of an international famous advertising company, and served the world's top 500 and large private enterprises. She used to be the global brand director of multinational enterprises, creating and promoting brands from 0 to 1. She once served as the general manager of on-site service operation of large state-owned enterprises and innovated a number of service cases.

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