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徐璐璐 Monica Xu

Ventech China

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负责Ventech China早期消费领域投资,加入Ventech China之前,曾担任清科集团上海首席代表,负责建立与广大优质的VCPE投资机构,战略投资机构(CVC),各地政府和创业者群体的的合作关系,并为机构投资者提供包括投资市场研究,媒体公关,机构融资在内的专业媒体和顾问服务。


投资阶段:pre-A ,A

投资方向:消费,教育, 互联网

Prior to Ventech China, Monica is the chief representative of Zero2IPO Shanghai. Monica has extensive network with top-tier China VC&PE firms, corporate strategic investors, governments, FOFs, and entrepreneurs. She was in charge of client relationship, investment events and networking, Media and public relation, as well as investment research service to investors.

Prior to Zero2IPO, Monica was a manager of SOAProjects, which provides financial consulting service to midsize and large China companies who went public in US or intended to do so, her clients included: UTStarcom,,, Dolby.

Stage focus: Pre-A, A

Area of focus: Consumer, Education, Internet

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

我很荣幸在职业生涯中曾遇到过许多优秀的女性创业者和领导者,她们在商业思维,技术能力和解决问题的能力方面让人印象深刻。已经有更多的企业意识到,商业环境下,岗位本身的适配性远重要于性别差异,Ladies Who Tech不仅一直帮助缩小商业环境里对性别的差别意识,更重要是帮助更多女性人才打破认知壁垒,以更自信的心态探索自身的发展可能性。

Why Support Ladies Who Tech:

I have met many brilliant female entrepreneurs and business leaders in my career, they are outstanding in terms of business sense, technical capabilities and skill to solve problems. An increasing number of enterprises are now aware that the qualification of position is way more important than gender difference. It's amazing that Ladies Who Tech not only help mitigate the gap of consciousness on gender in business world, but also help more women realize their value and encourage them to explore their career possibilities.

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