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“The Future is Equal: Gender Equality in the Technology Industry”

On 26 May, UNESCAP launched the report “The Future is Equal: Gender Equality in the Technology Industry” in partnership with Ladies Who Tech (China), Korea Center for Women in Science (South Korea) and Engineering and Technology, Center for Gender Equality of Nagoya University (Japan).

In view of the rapid digital transformation and digital divide, the importance of diversity and inclusion is magnified in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In particular, the existing underrepresentation of women in the technology industry, which may marginalize women in the future of work, warrants special attention. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a disproportionate impact on women and exacerbated gender inequality embedded in the social structure. To build back better, gender equality should be put at the forefront of the recovery agenda, thereby overcoming the slow pace of progress before the crisis and redressing gender imbalances in the technology industry.

This report analyzes the key barriers faced by women in the workplace of the technology industry as well as identifies effective national policies and company initiatives on promoting gender equality in China, Japan and the Republic of Korea. The findings and recommendations enable countries to advance women’s rights and representation, especially in the technology industry, thereby contributing to the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

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