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钟欣欣 Rowena Chung



Executive VP, Kids & Teens Product, EF EdTech

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Rowena 在加州伯克利获得国际关系学士学位,并取得伦敦商学院的工商管理硕士学位。

Rowena joined Education First (EF) in early 2014 and leads the product development team for their Kids and Teens division. EF' s mission is to open the world through education. Her focus within that mission has been to build new product and experiences that help EF students achieve learning success - both in school and in life.

Throughout her career, Rowena has been a catalyst for innovation and an advocate of design thinking. She brings this unique perspective to the EF product development team from her 20+ years of experience across a diverse group of companies and functional areas including venture investment, marketing, operations, and management at Citibank Ventures, Electronic Arts, Disney, Orange, and Nike.

Rowena has a BA in International Relations from U.C. Berkeley and an MBA degree from London Business School.

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