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Sebastien Denes



VP & Head of CoE Greater China, SAP Customer Success

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Sebastien以及他的团队专注于助力SAP顶级客户向智能企业的转型,从Digital Core到Analytics和Customer Experience,再到Cloud Platform,Application和Intelligent Technologies。


Sebastien is a Vice President and Head of the Global CoE Greater China within SAP Customer Success. In this role, he leads the delivery of SAP Premium Engagements and Professional Services, driving a team of 400 professionals, 38 per cent of whom are female.

Sebastien and his team focus on enabling SAP Top customers' transformation towards the Intelligent Enterprise, from the Digital Core to Analytics and Customer Experience, to Cloud Platform, Applications and Intelligent Technologies.

Sebastien focuses on attracting, Growing and Retaining amazing talents by creating a diverse, inclusive, bias-free and positive culture at SAP in Greater China. On a personal note, Sebastien is married with 3 kids and has been living in Shanghai for the last 9 years.

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

当世界似乎更加分隔和对立时,他们在为科技行业推动性别多元化、和谐、平等的路上发出了清晰并且强有力的声音。同时他们也提醒了我,这是一条无尽的旅程。我们所要做的,并不是去简单的达成一个指标。而是,通过他们积极的行动和支持,使得像我们这样的大型企业能够不断地去丰富企业文化 – 更包容,更能为员工感同身受。

Why Support Ladies Who Tech:

I support Ladies Who Tech because both Charlene and Jill have clarified from the beginning what they stand for, not against. When the world seems to be more divided and antagonistic, they deliver a clear and powerful message of Gender Diversity, Unity and Parity in Technology. They also remind us that this is an infinite journey where the goal is not to finish first or meet a KPI and by their actions and active support they help us, large enterprises, to continuously enrich our culture with inclusivity and empathy.


Motto: The future will punish certainty and reward clarity.

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