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王蓉 Shirley Wang



Founder and CEO, BuzzKID

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王蓉女士是BuzzKID ( 创始人兼CEO,国际青少年二语习得的成功实践者。中国某知名外教视频业务(B2B版的VIPKID)创建者,在此之前,王女士曾担任英孚教育大中华地区运营副总裁,管理15个城市、近60所学校,10万+的活跃学生。王女士同时也是中美教育协会理事,美国童子军中国教官,拥有BuzzKID语言变流器的著作权。



Shirley Wang is the founder and CEO of BuzzKID, Shirley is a successful practitioner of second language acquisition pedagogy. She has founded a well-known teacher-led online tutoring platform in China. Prior to that, Shirley held the position of Vice President, Customer Experience in Education First, overseeing over 100,000 active students in 60 learning centers across 15 cities in China. Shirley is the member representative of Sino-America Education Research Association (S-AERA), coach of US Scouts in China, and also owns the copyright of BuzzKID Language Input and Output System.

Prior to her education entrepreneurship, Shirley worked in strategic consulting, investment, M&A for close to 10 years in global corporates, e.g. United Technologies and Danaher, leading their South-east Asian and Australian markets.

Shirley graduated from University of Virginia (UVA), and is a member of UVA admission in China. Shirley is passionate about adolescent education and development. She founded BuzzKID in 2016, BuzzKID is a kid-led online social learning platform. Its mission is to "Connect youth, bridge languages, and make impact." BuzzKID now has tens of thousands of registered users from six continents and is committed to build the world's largest online language learning community led by kids.

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