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陈思 Si Chen

腾讯AI Lab高级战略经理


Senior Strategy Manager, Tencent AI Lab

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陈思是腾讯AI Lab的高级战略经理。腾讯AI Lab是腾讯企业级人工智能实验室,于2016年4月在深圳成立,致力于不断推进AI基础研究和落地,向“Make AI Everywhere”的愿景迈进。 陈思在腾讯AI Lab主要负责AI+行业的商业分析和项目落地,之前覆盖的领域包括游戏、内容、社交、医疗和农业。陈思从小在澳大利亚长大,在加入腾讯之前,在国外做管理咨询和投资并购。

Si is a Senior Strategy Manager at Tencent AI Lab. Tencent AI Lab was established in Shenzhen in April 2016 and focuses on the advancement of fundamental research and its application in industry, with a long-term vision to "Make AI Everywhere." At Tencent AI Lab, Si primarily looks after strategy and operations projects for AI+ Industry applications, with past projects spanning Gaming, Content, Social Media, Healthcare and Agriculture. Si grew up in Australia and worked in management consulting and M&A prior to joining Tencent.

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