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Sophie Tan



Data Scientist, eBay Search Science

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Sophie graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University majoring in software engineering. After graduation, she started her career at eBay China Center of Excellence as a software engineer and participated in multiple search engineering projects as leading developer. After two years, she gradually transited herself into a data scientist on AI and a key technical contributor. Together with the team, she solved practical problems buyers face in e-commerce shopping with cutting-edge natural language understanding and machine learning techniques. She and her team designed algorithms on optimizing specific query understanding, search ranking and spam detection, bringing more intelligent and efficient online shopping experience to hundreds of millions of buyers globally.

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

我希望每个女生都能活出自己的精彩,拥有更大的世界。我也想借助Ladies Who Tech的平台接触STEM界的前辈和同行们,向她们学习。

Why Support Ladies Who Tech:

I hope that every woman can live her own wonderful life and have a bigger world. I also want to use the Ladies Who Tech platform to reach out to seniors and peers in the STEM industry and learn from them.

座右铭: 问渠那得清如许,为有源头活水来。