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谈冶祯 Violet Tan

UpHonest Capital 合伙人 & OnePiece Work 中国区合伙人


Partner, UpHonest Capital & China Partner, OnePiece Work

· Investors

负责硅谷精品早期投资机构UpHonest Capital,以及新型国际化创新加速平台OnePiece Work在中国地区的整体业务。

加入UpHonest Capital和OnePiece Work之前, Violet任职于阿里巴巴集团,负责电商业务在海外市场的整体市场策略,数字营销策略,社交推广及内容营销。在此之前任职于IBM负责大中华南区 (华东,华中,华南及香港地区) 的公共关系,品牌体系以及企业社会责任。此前供职于《信息周刊》,《福布斯》等多家科技、财经类专业媒体。



Violet is responsible for overall China businesses of UpHonest Capital, a Silicon Valley based boutique venture and OnePiece Work, an international innovation acceleration platform.

Before join UpHonest Capital and OnePiece Work, Violet worked with Alibaba Group and was responsible for its e-commerce business unit' s overseas digital marketing strategy and social media and content marketing.

Prior to joining Alibaba in 2014, she was responsible for public relations, branding and CSR at IBM, covering East, Central and South China and Hong Kong. She also has years of experience at leading tech and financial media outlets, including InformationWeek and Forbes. Violet holds a bachelor' s degree in journalism from Nanjing University.

Stage focus: Seed, Angel, Pre-A

Areas of focus: consumer, internet, SaaS, proptech, education

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

参差百态构成了世界万物之美,女性的美也不该囿于特定的范围,不该被刻板印象所定义;在科学、技术、投资、创业等等领域,女性也应该、能够展现其独特的美与光芒。Ladies Who Tech一直在帮助女性们探索更多的可能性,鼓励女性能追逐梦想,散发光芒,应该也需要得到更多的关注和支持。

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

Variations constitute the beauty of all things in the world, and the beauty of women should not be confined to certain specific realms or defined by certain stereotypes; in the fields of science, technology, investment, entrepreneurship, and etc., women should and are capable to show their uniqueness, beauty and charms. Ladies Who Tech has been helping women explore more possibilities and encouraging women to chase their dreams, which deserves more attentions and supports.

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