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王艺 Wendy Wang

VP of People & Culture, Void Asia

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2000年毕业于UTS工商管理硕士学位,现作为VP of People & Culture任职于 Void Asia。


同时,作为 国际教练组织(International Coach Federal )认证的职业教练和授权DISC分析师,王艺对于发展环境中的优秀人才核心竞争力以及关键行为分析也有着大量的经验和案例积累以及透彻的了解。王艺多次受邀于国际性工作室和作为演讲嘉宾参活动,利用教练和 DISC行为分析经验对大中华区人才市场的了解进行分享。

Wendy graduated from UTS in 2000 with an MBA. Currently, she serves as VP of People & Culture at Void Asia.

As an HR professional and leader, with around 20 years of working experience at multinational companies such as Intel, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc., Wendy has seen a dramatic boom and progress of China IT industry, which has allowed her to have deep understanding and hands on experience of the IT and high-tech industry evolution, cross-region management, cross-culture communication, M&A culture integration, and key competencies analysis of talents in changing and developing environment.