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Wilson Qiu



Talent Advisor, Morgan Stanley China

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Wilson于2011年加入摩根士丹利。他目前担任摩根士丹利中国以及亚太区(除印度外)技术部门的人才顾问。Wilson长期与管理团队以及公司内部的员工组织,例如Woman In Tech,紧密合作,一起推动建设性别多元和融合的职场环境。

Wilson joined Morgan Stanley in 2011. He is the Talent Advisor for Morgan Stanley China and the Technology Division in the region excluding India. Wilson has been working closely with the management team and internal employee networks, such as Woman In Tech to promote a gender diversified and inclusive workplace.

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:


Why support Ladies Who Tech:

I support Ladies Who Tech because I believe in the value Ladies Who Tech promote, for example Tech has no gender. Regardless of your gender, it's great to pursue things you like and feel meaningful.

座右铭: 追求有意义的事(而不是容易的事)。

Motto: Pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient).

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