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郭一菲 Yifei Guo



Partner Marketing Advisor of Microsoft

· facilitators 2021


目前郭一菲女士作为微软(中国)Women in Tech社区的主要成员,致力于将微软最新科技,包括微软Azure技术,低代码平台,甚至无代码的AI,赋能各行各业的多女性 

Ms. Guo Yifei, the current partner channel marketing manager, empowers partners through technical empowerment andmarketing support to help them better use Microsoft cloud, AI, IOT and other key technologies to achieve their own digital transformation, improve productivity, and at the same time be more comprehensive serving our customers in all walks of life. 

Currently, Ms. Guo Yifei, as a major member ofthe Microsoft (China) Women in Tech community, is committed to bringing Microsoft’s latest technology, including Microsoft Azure technology, low-code platform, and even code-free AI, to empower women in all walks of life.  

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