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Ying Zhang



Senior VP, Head of Business Unit, Bosch China

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Ying 硕士毕业于上海大学机电一体化专业。2001年加入了博世中国投资有限公司。在19年的博世之旅中,从事了技术销售和市场,物流,工程技术,项目管理,质量,平台开发和事业部等各项工作,历经了和中国的汽车工业共同成长。辗转三次,共计6年在德国不同领域的工作完成了从以学习为主,到独当一面工作,到领导全球平台开发的蜕变。2015年底在全球成功推出新一代传感器后,接管了博世底盘控制系统中国区主动安全事业部,并兼管工程技术部,为中国的道路安全贡献一份力量。

Ying graduated from Shanghai University with a Master degree in Mechatronics. She joined Bosch China Investment Co. Ltd in 2001. In her 19 years journey at Bosch, she was engaged in various functions including technical sales & marketing, logistics, engineering, project management, quality, platform development and was business unit leader, and witnessed the growth of the China auto industry. Ying worked in Germany three times for more than six years. Starting as a trainee, to being fully responsible for customers, until when she was leading the global platform development, she managed to achieve the high recognition and appraisal from all the domains and functions. After the successful completion of the global new generation sensor, Ying takes charge of the Active Safety Business Unit and Engineering in Chassis Systems Control China, and continuously contributes to the road safety in China.

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