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遇见你的“职场种草盲盒开箱官” Your first mystery job-box opening experience

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Mystery boxes are becoming more and more popular, such as Popmart, or products and places you want to buy or go to from Red. These experiences are fun BUT also cost MONEY!!

Ladies Who Tech邀请您加入我们为您的首次“梦想工作盲盒开箱”的体验。这些种草的好工作,都是来自于那些在职场推崇“性别多样性和包容性“的公司平台!你不仅不需要花一分钱,相反,你可能会意外获得在一个包容的工作场可以发挥自己优势和才能的高薪的工作。

Ladies Who Tech invites you to join us for your first mystery job-box opening experience to potentially land your dream digital job at a platform that cares about gender diversity and inclusion! You won’t need to spend a cent, instead, in return, you may be working at an inclusive workplace that you would enjoy investing your talent and time at.