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王芷 Zhi Wang

微软(中国) 创新技术架构师


Cloud Solution Architect of Microsoft

· facilitators 2021

王芷女士专注于人工智能,物联网,数据分析与商业智能等领域,协助企业全面洞察数据,将数据转换为决策,并提供商业价值。曾多次参与人工智能项目落地,致力于技术生态的布道和创新项目的推广,推动创新技术的研讨和落地。多年作为微软技术峰会的讲师,结合生态合作伙伴的案例,实现新技术的产业赋能。目前王芷女士作为微软(中国)Women in Tech社区的领导者,致力于将低代码,甚至无代码的AI,RPA等技术赋能更多女性。   

Focused on leading technologies, Zhi helps customers and partners land AIoT solutions in Retail, Healthcare and other innovate industry scenarios. As a technical evangelist, Zhi has delivered tech talks in Microsoft Technology Submit and other third-party events for dozens of times. Now Zhi focuses on enabling partner ecosystem to use the next generation of Microsoft platforms, covering edge and cloud technologies, as well as low-cade development and cross-platform tools. As the lead of Women in Tech community in Microsoft China, Zhi would like to make more and more female talents learn and try build AI, RPA solutions based on Low-Code, even No-Code platforms.      

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